Friday, August 1, 2008


TopTechWire Welcome Post

As many of you readers from BlitzTech may know, we imported all of the original posts from BlitzTech that we believed were useful, aside from the updates and other unrelated posts. This post is a commemoration of the original first post, so WELCOME EVERYBODY, TO THE NEW TOPTECHWIRE!

As the old disappears and shrivels, the new comes along to replace it. While BlitzTech Blog may still be up, it is no longer running...
TopTechWire will proudly continue the traditions of BlitzTech, and add much more!

TopTechWire is not simply a reform of BlitzTech Blog, but rather, the replacement BlitzTech Blog authors have deseignated. We will be far better than BlitzTech ever was, and continue to create the highest quality posts around!

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