Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's astounding why people hate Microsoft

It really isn't a surprise to me at all, but it's always appalling to see that most of the world seems to hate Microsoft for causing the computer revolution available to the lower and middle classes.
As you probably already know, a few days back when Windows 7 was released, I wrote my review on Windows 7 Beta, some of my reliable sources alerted me to the fact that after my review got into the social media, certain people (or rather, most) commented on it by quoting all sorts of lie-filled sources with improper and rigged benchmarking (especially on an OS BETA, which is prone to benchmark faults), as well as claiming I was being paid by Microsoft.
Obviously, (or maybe not) this is not the case, and we are in no way affiliated with Microsoft. The review is simply what I experienced from the beta itself, without bias from my "views" (which I assure you, are not in support of Microsoft's anti-competitive ways, but understand that they are legal).

I may have remarked during the review that one should at least think about trying Windows 7 before making unfortunate assumptions. Obviously, Microsoft tried very hard to market Vista to people who wanted more simple OSes, and yet wanted security without "annoyances" which was a commendable effort, only it failed. What surprises me most is how people seem to think Windows 7 is another Vista, even when I was already surprised at how many people didn't seem to understand how great Vista was as an improvement in software technology.

While Vista had drawbacks, it was necessary to pave the way for future OSes. As well, Vista was a great advancement regardless of what some people might say. Most NORMAL users of Vista aren't complaining, but only the people who think they "speak out for the general population" and think they are good with computers, claim Vista is a huge pile of waste.

This is what I have to say to them: If vista were really so bad, then change the settings so that it doesn't annoy you, if you're so good with computers... If most people didn't like Vista, they could just get linux or some other system. I assure you, if everybody was so troubled by Vista, they would definitely either switch back to XP, or do something about their predicament. The fact is, they don't. Only the people who want to continue with the massive online upsurge in negative propaganda, would complain. If all these people knew what they were doing, then they could easily change some settings. Why are they still complaining and not trying to be more productive if Vista is harming their productivity? Some people might even try to claim that other OSes are gaining ground fast on vista as proof of this. Well, 2 years is definitely long enough to have made plenty of true vista haters switch. If vista and Microsoft products were all that bad, they would've been out of business long ago! Of course Apple is growing faster than Microsoft. What can you expect from a company that has ALREADY taken up basically every computer in the US? Oh and by the way, it's a monopoly because there's nobody better than them. If there were, then it wouldn't be a monopoly.
Some people say that Bill Gates and Microsoft only became a monopoly because of their special circumstances and the way Bill Gates took advantage of IBM's power and his own power. That may be so, but if they didn't do that, nobody would be here arguing about this. Only the super rich would be on the Internet, and they wouldn't bother subjecting themselves to petty arguments such as this.

In any case, Microsoft may be anti-competitive, but Windows 7 is fine, and reviews should only be based on the actual merits and problems of software, not because of bias.

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