Saturday, January 10, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Publicly Released and Available

After a public offering filled with problems, I decided to wait until everything was fine on their website to announce the release of Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows 7 Beta.
Originally planned to be released a while ago, it was pushed until just yesterday, but they had server problems, and many users were unable to download it.

Now, everything seems to be working fine, so this seems to be a great time to announce the official release of Microsoft's Windows 7 Beta.
To try it out for yourself, go here.
On their site, they offer some instructions and specifications on how to install this new beta. Hopefully it'll turn out to be a powerful new operating system. It's unlikely to be revolutionary however, seeing as Microsoft has already made large changes in the transition from XP to Vista, so this will likely be a powerful upgrade to Vista's existing new features, to make sure everything runs smoothly and better.

I'll have a concise and to the point review posted up later, to give you an idea of what's in store and what I think about Windows 7.
Update: Here's the Part A of the Review on Windows 7: Amazing and Revolutionary
Update 2: Here's the Part B of the Review on Windows 7: Amazing and Revolutionary

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