Monday, June 8, 2009

iPhone 3GS at WWDC 09 will destroy Palm Pre, competitors

Today was the much anticipated WWDC of 2009 hosted by Apple, and their keynote was the longest one yet, clocking in at over 2 hours.
They announced a great many things, but one of the biggest announcements was the release of a new iPhone, just as rumored.

It was only this weekend that the Palm Pre started to sell, and now there's a new iPhone. I'm sure Palm can't be happy about that. This new iPhone is called the iPhone 3GS, and the S stands for Speed, and it really is quite fast. It also comes out with the announcement of the new iPhone OS 3 (If you want to see images + details on that, just scroll down).

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The new 3GS doesn't actually look all that much different from the old ones, but what's really changed is on the inside. Of course, speed is very much emphasized here, and Apple claims that it is more than 2 times faster for most tasks as compared with the iPhone 2.
There are two new available storage sizes, 16 GB for $199, and $32 GB for $299, with contracts of course.
Along with this are upgrade options to the iPhone 3G S, but still require some more time before they are available, due to AT&T's restrictions on it.
Tethering and MMS was also announced, and AT&T has said that they are going to be adding these features soon, with MMS coming later this summer.
More features include voice control as well as a new video camera. It offers autofocus, auto balance, 30 FPS and more. This is definitely a good hardware upgrade.

The release date for the iPhone 3G S has been set to June 19th, where it'll be available in the US. Then it'll be released in a total of 80 countries in the world in the following weeks.
The old 8 GB iPhone will be on sale for $99 after this.

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Before the release of this iPhone, they also announced their newest iPhone OS 3, which builds on much of the previous OS, and introduces lots of new features. Examples are shown in the following picture.

Also check out these cool new features.

There was also a much wanted feature introducing Find My iPhone which allows you to track your iPhone, send a message to it in case somebody finds it, and even in the worse case scenario, delete all the data on it.

Also, you can now buy movies and TV shows on your iPhone.

This new iPhone OS 3 will be available for free for all existing iPhone customers.

Though Palm had a pretty good start this weekend, they'll be facing tough competition from increasingly more sophisticated iPhones, and it looks as though the Palm Pre at this point probably isn't revolutionary enough to make people to switch, especially as iPhone buyers are usually loyal to Apple.
Overall, WWDC delivered on quite a bit, but without Steve Jobs there, it didn't seem like it was enough. Let's hope Steve Jobs can get well soon with lots of more exciting things to come.

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