Monday, June 1, 2009

Xbox 360 Groundbreaking no controller motion sensor revealed at E3

Project Natal is the latest new addition to the hoard of revelations by Microsoft at this year's E3 conference.
The Xbox 360 had a lot of news with its new features coming to Xbox Live and all its new games, but this Project Natal may rock the gaming world by defining an all new way of playing.
When the Wii came out, a huge selling point was the motion sensing controller. Now Microsoft's Xbox 360 will have motion sensing capability too. What's the difference? It doesn't need a controller.

Yes, that's right, this brand new revolutionary technology is extremely precise, powerful, and designed to function without you ever touching the controller. All you need to do is move in front of the camera, and it'll detect it. Not only that, did I mention it was extremely precise? More so than the Wiimote in fact, by far.

The technology involved here is absolutely tremendous. This camera can detect sound and 3D movement. That means it has the ability to determine depth of your movements, so you can move in a real "360 degrees" and it'll actually pick up your motion being 360 degrees and not just 180 degrees on a flat plane.
Microsoft demoed this technology at the E3 conference by showing off the game Richochet, and Paint Party. The motions used in playing these was simple but highly responsive when the camera picked it up.

With this new technology, there is no longer a need to even pick up a remote or controller. The camera picks up all your movement, so there's no need to press any buttons of hold anything. This is a one of a kind, Xbox 360 no controller motion sensing technology that may very well even go beyond the Xbox in terms of use and application. With many of Microsoft's offerings in other areas, gesture controls have become increasingly prevalent.

Then came a another demo, one that was absolutely captivating. A virtual character called "Milo", created by Lionhead Studios and Fable designer Peter Molyneux, interacted live with the user in conversation and movements. From the screen, it looked towards the user, and engaged in live conversation as if it were a human being. It also accepted hand-drawn messages scanned into the game in real time and processed.
This is the kind of AI technology that we could only dream of before.

Xbox 360 No controller Motion Sensor called Project Natal.
Famed Steven Spielberg also went upstage to rave about the future of gaming and the impact this technology would have. He said "people are too intimidated to pick up game controllers." He's probably right too, and that's why this technology is definitely revolutionary and will define a whole new way of playing games.

Project Natal has most assuredly racked up some points for the Xbox 360, and Microsoft even says that it will be functional for all current-gen and past versions Xbox 360s and all future generations.

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